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The Book as Sculpture is a creative exploration of non-traditional book forms.  The show features four local artists: Barbara Bean and Carolyn Judson from Points of View Artists, and fellow artists Susan Perrine and Sue Walker.  Carolyn Judson offers the following thoughts on the purpose behind the exhibit.

“It may be that paper will disappear and books will be a lit screen on a Kindle.  But until that happens, we still hold books, open and close them, feel the heft, the length and the width.  This sensory experience is sometimes unconscious because we are usually more interested in the text or pictures.

Now we artists are making books that emphasize the physicality of touching, holding, and folding.  These books might be thought of as sculptures – objects in space – to be turned or moved around.

The ‘artists’ book has in recent years become an art form in itself.  The four artists in this exhibit are pursuing this form in a number of ways and with varying materials.  There is a sense of wide-open experimentation emanating from the books as the viewer peruses what we dare to call sculptures.”


Dates:              November 2 – 29

Location:         Gallery Framing, 12 Pleasant Street, Brunswick

Hours:             Monday - Friday  9 am - 5 pm;  Saturday  10am – 2 pm

Reception:      Friday,  November 9, 4 – 7 pm





Points of View artists Barbara bean and Carolyn Judson join with Susan Perrine and Sue Walker to show a variety of artistic expressions of books