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Harriet Lindemann was born in San Antonio, Texas, in 1948, and has lived in Virginia, Georgia, California, and now Maine, where she began exhibiting her Prismacolor drawings in 2004. Most of her artwork features botanical life--some realistic, others abstract--found in those regions. Her earlier drawings (in charcoal, graphite, and Prismacolor pencils) are representational. She now prefers creating abstract compositions in a postmodern fashion using ink, watercolor, and acrylic, and she continues to experiment with a variety of drawing styles and painting media, supports, and tools.

In 2022 two of her landscape pastels from Arts Are Elementary’s 10x10 annual exhibitions were donated to Curtis Memorial Library, Brunswick, Maine.

Artist’s Statement

A line can wander aimlessly and joyously, curl into a knot or break into little pieces. I enjoy playing with lines both intentionally and by “doodling.” Seeing facial features in old stumps, firewood, twigs, and shadows leads my mind toward fantasy and whimsy. Occasionally a finished drawing or painting reveals an unintended mood or image, such as the poignant 2005 Prismacolor pencil drawing of Mourning (an image of an orchid). My hope is to create expressive and interesting artwork for others to enjoy.

More samples of my work can be viewed at: http://harrietlindemann.blogspot.com.

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