• Barbara Bean in assemblage show featuring dee’s ICE CREAM packaging

    Some will remember dee’s ice cream at Crystal Spring Farm in Brunswick.  It was owned by the Dionne family who closed it in 1970 and subsequently sold the farm and surrounding fields and woodlands to the Brunswick Topsham Land Trust.  The Land Trust, whose mission includes promoting local agriculture, leases CSF’s agricultural fields to a sheep and organic vegetable farmer and operates a popular Saturday Farmers’ Market at CSF from May to October. The farm is registered as a National Historic Landmark.

    The Art of dee's ICE CREAM Packaging uses material from the ice cream stand donated to the artists by the Brunswick Topsham Land Trust.  Barbara Bean of Points of View Artists and Edward Mackenzie of Richmond Store Gallery have used these "found" objects to create over fifty assemblages from the cups, spoons, lids and other materials that were used to package dee's ice cream.

    Barbara Bean, a resident of Brunswick and Georgetown, puts her love of Maine into drawing, print and mixed media.  Her Assemblage work in this exhibit captivates the joy of eating ice cream at dee's, after seeing the animals at the farm.  The playfulness of a carnival is depicted, along with circus motifs and the excitement of the crowd. 

    Edward Mackenzie has had long experience working with manufactured and found objects.  His Assemblages with Dee’s packaging demonstrate his ability to look again and turn the ordinary into extraordinary.

    This Exhibition not only celebrates dee's ice cream, but also gives thanks to the current Crystal Spring Farm and to the Brunswick Topsham Land Trust for generously donating the material to the artists. The Art of dee’s ICE CREAM Packaging opens with an artist reception from 4-8 pm on Friday, August 3, 2012.  Entry is free.  Location:  Richmond Store Gallery, 54 Main Street, Richmond, Maine 04357  Tel: 207 737 4724

    The exhibit will continue through October.  Subsequent viewing in Richmond Store Gallery by appointment - contact Edward Mackenzie, Tel: 207 737 4724  

    For more information about the exhibit:  EdwardMackenzieArt@gmail.com         www.RichmondStoreGallery.com