• Barbara Bean exhibit highlights life in bogs

    "I saw my first bog on a walk with my husband in Quoddy Head.  It changed forever my view of true wilderness and the necessity for its protection.

    In my drawings of Maine bogs, marshes and woodlands I am focused on the details of plant growth and the places where species grow. I like to magnify the sizes and to place plants side by side when in fact they might not ever meet one another at the time of their blooming. The result is a depiction of a landscape that is more invented than realistic – creating a statement of what truly exists in one place beyond what one can see at a glance. It is a reminder of the care and attention required to see the value in life forms barely perceptible yet critical to our existence."

    Exploring Bogs, an exhibit of flora and fauna found in Maine's bogs, is on display at Curtis Memorial Library until May 30.  A reception to meet the artist, Barbara Bean, will be held on Friday, May 11, from 6 to 9 pm.