• Art in the Time of Covid, Part 4

    Vitrual show on Points of View Artists website
    Group show

    Points of View Artists offer a look at art reflecting reality in this strange time of social distancing and the coronavirus.  Each artist brings a different perspective to their experience – some humorous, some whimsical, some soberly reflective.

    This virtual show is presented as 4 “events”.  Comments related to the artists’ work appear in the event with their works.  Many of the works are for sale.  Contact us for information.  (Note:  NFS = Not For Sale;  POR = Price on Request)

    We hope to return to live shows later this year.  We had planned a full season of art, but have decided to continue with virtual shows until September when we hope the coronavirus situation has become less concerning.

    Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy this virtual show.  And … stay safe, stay well!


    Artists' Comments

    Each Points of View artist has responded to this remarkable time in a different way.  The brief descriptions below relate to the work of the artists shown below.  The notes will give you a feel for the inspiration that has guided them.  

    Ann Slocum:  Ann’s colorful works are geometric fantasies. They invite the viewer to explore the edges and spaces and interactions created within, much like the introspections happening in this time of isolation.

    Barbara Snapp:  In an off-kilter world, Barbara has found abstract ways to express some of the feelings that social distancing generates:  insignificance, the desire to break away, the unreal experience of repeating the same day over and over again, the sense that the world has become ghostly and faint.