• Art in the Time of Covid, Part 3

    Virtual show on Points of View Artists website
    Group show

    Points of View Artists offer a look at art reflecting reality in this strange time of social distancing and the coronavirus.  Each artist brings a different perspective to their experience – some humorous, some whimsical, some soberly reflective.

    This virtual show is presented as 4 “events”.  Comments related to the artists’ work appear in the event with their works.  Many of the works are for sale.  Contact us for information.  (Note:  NFS = Not For Sale;  POR = Price on Request)

    We hope to return to live shows later this spring or summer.  We have planned a full season of art and will continue with virtual shows until we are released from isolation.

    May/June:    Fresh Focus (group show);   Garden Flags (Nancy Marstaller)

    July:    Finding Form (Jackie Melissas and Ed McCartan);   Back in Time (Barbara Bean)

    August:     New Directions (Carolyn Judson and guests Cathy Bloom, Betsy Fear, Nan Moran, Harold Roberts);  

                        Color Works (Alan Mast, Ann Slocum)

    September:   Uncommon Ground (group show);    Exploring Maine (Barbara and Craig Snapp)

    Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy this virtual show.  And … stay safe, stay well!

    Artists' Comments 

    Each Points of View artist has responded to this remarkable time in a different way.  The brief descriptions below relate to the work of the artists shown below.  The notes will give you a feel for the inspiration that has guided them.  

    Bonnie Dickey:  Bonnie’s Pysanky eggs remind us of the renewal that happens each spring, while Endangered Species points out the fragility of human existence.

    Beth Heron:  An artist’s hands are always getting dirty. Paint, ink, clay - it’s part of the work in progress.  Now… “Wash your hands” is the rule.  Yes, we can!

    Nancy Marstaller:  Nancy says “I see solace and inspiration from the natural world around me.”  Her connection to nature is vividly imagined in colorful prints of bees, ducks and turtles.  

    Jackie Melissas:  Jackie’s image of a raw clay vessel ready for the kiln is testament to new ideas spawned by social hibernation for 2 weeks.  Solitude has a way of allowing fresh work to bubble up from the reservoir of creativity within us.  The results?  Halo Rising, and Striped Earth.