• Cutting Edge

    Points of View Gallery
    Featuring [field_pov_artists]

    Cutting Edge displays the varied work of Points of View Artists Alan Mast and Carolyn Judson.  They are joined by guest artist Middy Thomas. 

    These three local artists have a history of always bringing fresh approaches to their work.  Carolyn Judson, potter and painter, creates subtly rendered landscapes in oil paint. 

    Guest artist Middy Thomas, book illustrator and prolific artist, will be showing several of her lively renderings of natural subjects.

    Alan Mast, also a long-time member of POV, offers new color-based abstract compositions. “Red Orb", the image above, is an example of art that explores geometric versus free-form shapes, and offsets warm and cool colors. 

    Come see more explorations of these and other elements of art.

    Artists Reception:   Friday, August 9;      5 to 7 pm

    Cutting Edge will last from August 5 through Spetember 8.