• Under the Influence

    Points of View Gallery
    Featuring [field_pov_artists]

    Under the Influence could also be titled "Sister Act".  It is a collaborative show with sisters Barbara Bean and Jackie Melissas in the first-floor Main Gallery at Points of View Art Gallery.

    Barbara creates work in many media:  pen and ink, colored pencil, collage, assemblage and clay sculpture.  Her image is pictured on the right of the diptych.  Barbara comments that "this show is a nod to the wizards in my life.  They are the artists whose works leave me breathless - insisting that I take seriously their declaration to be different."

    Jackie is drawn to the sensual nature of both two and three dimensional media.  Her work focuses on the beauty of materials and the joy of free expression.  Her pot, "Urn for Flowers" is pictured at left in the diptych.

    Artists Reception:
    Friday, July 12:    5:00 to 7:30 pm 

    Under the Influence will be on exhibit at Points of View Art Gallery from July 1 through August 2, 2019.