• Eye/Hand

    Tao Yuan
    Guest artist(s):
    Burke Long
    Featuring [field_pov_artists]

    Eye/Hand, an exhibit featuring fine art prints by Judith Long and photographs by Burke Long, opens on March 7 at the Tao Yuan Restaurant, 22 Pleasant Street, in Brunswick. Curated by Joan Carney, the works will be on display through April 30. 

    Joan Carney assembled six distinctive groups consisting of hand pulled prints (etchings, monotypes and collagraphs), and digital photographs which, when displayed together, suggest open-ended interactions between the eye of the photographer and the printmaker’s finely honed craft. Coordinated according to theme, texture and color, the subjects include abstract landscapes, etched glass, pressed weeds, oxidized metal, lighter than air stone and flying buttresses. 

    For more information on Judith and Burke, see the news article on this website.