• 2D / 3D

    Points of View Gallery - Main Gallery
    Featuring [field_pov_artists]

    This show highlights the work of Lucy Banfield, Barbara Bean, Beth Heron, Carolyn Judson, and Ann Slocum. These artists have all worked within the limits of the framed painting and have also explored the more unlimited possibilities of working in actual space with many media such as wood, clay and metal.

    Historically artists are taught to view subject matter such as trees, people or waterfalls, then translate this world to a flat surface, a "picture plane".  This method of making the 3-dimensional world flatten out onto a 2-dimensional surface is universally accepted. Building art which projects into space and which may be viewed from all sides becomes problematic and provocative. Weight, mass and gravity must all be considered. In this exhibit a continuum is expressed which moves from the 2-dimensional illusion of space to the fully 3-dimensional object in space thus providing a challenging variety of results for the viewer to contemplate.       

    2D / 3D  will be on exhibit from July 29 through August 23. The artist reception will be held on Friday, August 9 during the 2nd Friday Art Walk, from 5 to 8 PM at 18 Pleasant Street, Brunswick, Maine.