• Unique Tiles

    Points of View Gallery
    Guest artist(s):
    Nan Moran
    Featuring Carolyn Judson

    Unique Tiles means that each tile is hand made and not made from a mold.  Points of View artist Carolyn Judson and her colleague Nan Moran press the clay on a flat board and draw into it with a pencil or other pointed tool.  Instead of a pencil-thin line, they create a groove in the soft clay.  The tile may be carved or otherwise embellished until “it looks like ART to me!”

    Carolyn’s tiles usually depict scenes, while Nan’s are often natural objects like flowers and  animals.

    Carolyn Judson will also present some of her ink and colored pencil drawings from her trips around Maine – with a focus on the rocks, water and many pine trees.

    Unique Tiles will be on display in the Main Floor Gallery from June 28 through July 30, with a reception on July 9 from 5 to 7 pm.