Ed McCartan can be reached at this email address or by phoning 207-729-9497.  To see more of Ed's work go to:   www.emccartan.com  


These works represent my exploration of botanical and gestural imagery.  I work in many different styles, and I often use double images because I am interested in the "dialogue" this creates between the different areas of the work.  Small natural forms, twigs, ferns, flowers, etc. leave room for experimentation with sumi-like strokes and lines and the layering of glazes throughout the composition.  I go to nature and the possibilities inherent in the materials for inspiration.  It is an ongoing endeavor.


Shows in 2019

Miles Memorial Hospital Gallery:   Miles Street, Damariscotta;  February 9-March 15

Thornton Oaks:  Baribeau St, Brunswick;  months of June and July

Morrell Room of the Curtis Memorial Library:        Pleasant Street, Brunswick;  month of October



Virtual show on the Points of View website

Virtual show on the Points of View Artists' website

Virtual show on Points of View Artists website

Vitrual show on Points of View Artists website

Points of View Gallery

Topsham Public Library, Crooker Gallery

Points of View Gallery - Main Gallery

Gallery Framing

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