Ed McCartan can be reached at this email address or by phoning 207-729-9497.  To see more of Ed's work go to:   www.emccartan.com  


These works represent my exploration of botanical and gestural imagery.  I work in many different styles, and I often use double images because I am interested in the "dialogue" this creates between the different areas of the work.  Small natural forms, twigs, ferns, flowers, etc. leave room for experimentation with sumi-like strokes and lines and the layering of glazes throughout the composition.  I go to nature and the possibilities inherent in the materials for inspiration.  It is an ongoing endeavor.


Shows in summer 2018

America now...a dialogue:   Lewis Gallery, Portland Public Library, 5 Monument Square, July 5-21

Waterways:  Frontier and Spindleworks, June until end of August

Summer Time:        River Arts, Damariscotta, July 7-August 10

At Rising Tide Gallery:     Damariscotta, ME - September 1-29


Points of View Gallery

Topsham Public Library, Crooker Gallery

Points of View Gallery - Main Gallery

Gallery Framing

Other shows