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Craig P. Snapp - Artist Profile - (June 2017)
Craig retired in 2000 after thirty years as an R&D manager in  Silicon Valley, began volunteering for several land conservation non-profits, and reanimated his moribund photography hobby - just as the digital imaging revolution was taking off.  He has always had a strong love of nature and was encouraged by his wife Barbara who thinks he has at least a decent sense of composition.  Moving to Maine in 2003 allowed him to focus on his adopted state’s striking landscapes with its wonderful natural variations of sky, weather, seasons and tides.  

Initially he specialized in digitally stitched panorama photography for the promotion of land trust conservation in coastal Washington County.  With encouragement from friends he began successfully selling his wildlife and panorama images at some local craft fairs and gift shops.  After tiring of the hobby business in 2010, he expanded his work with a variety of digital enhancement techniques and different points of view. 

His 2017 Eclectic SnappShots exhibit at the UU Church Brunswick included an old to new selection of landscape panoramas, spherical keyhole panoramas and images of sunrise, sunset, moonset, Milky Way, infrared, black & white, natural world, wildlife, still life and people.   Some of these images may bring the viewer new perspectives to familiar sights, others may inspire, and a few may even be mildly funny with whimsical titles.       

Craig thanks and acknowledges Points of View Artists ( and the First Light Camera Club ( for inspiring him to keep exploring for new and fun images to capture and create.

He strives to have his photography and cartography reflect his motto of 
"Work Hard, Celebrate Life, Nurture the Earth & Explore the Universe!".  

Check out his public Google website for additional mostly panorama photos:

Here are links to non-profit organizations & businesses that have used some of his photos: 
Downeast Coastal Conservancy (DCC) -
Friends of Baxter State Park -
Harpswell Heritage Land Trust -
Brunswick-Topsham Swinging Bridge -
Eagle Hill Foundation -
Milbridge Area Merchants Association - 
Androscoggin Dental Care -


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