• Points of View Artists announce 2018 show season

    Points of View Artists offers five exhibits of current work from May through September 2018 at Points of View Art Gallery in the Brunswick Business Center, 18 Pleasant Street. In October the group returns to the Topsham Public Library, 25 Foreside Road for a group show.

    The Business Center offers exhibits in two venues. The Main Gallery on the first floor features either group exhibits or those in which invited guests join one or two Points of View artists.   The more intimate space in the third floor Garret Gallery features works by one or two POV artists each month.

    Receptions for all shows at Points of View Art Gallery are on the second Friday of each month, from 5-7 pm.


    2018 Exhibit Schedule


    In the Main Gallery at 18 Pleasant Street, Brunswick

    May:   Then and Now – artwork by all POV Artists highlighting our artistic development over the past 12 years

    June:   Earth and Sky – POV Artists Barbara and Craig Snapp are joined by guest artists Priscilla and David McKeith

    July:   Fabrications – POV Artist Barbara Bean shows work with guest artists Nan and Stu Ross

    August:   Double Take – POV Artist printmaker Judith Long is joined by her photographer husband, Burke Long

    September:   Nature of the Universe – artwork by all POV Artists


    In the Garret Gallery at 18 Pleasant Street, Brunswick

    June:  Visual Entertainments – collages by POV Artist Alan Mast

    July:  Flower Power – collaborative exhibit by POV Artists Tim Banks and Ed McCartan

    August:  Flora, Fauna, and Beyond – exploring nature with POV Artists Beth Heron, Pat Hix, and Carolyn Judson

    September:  Works in Progress – selections from the work of POV Artists Jackie Melissas and Ann Slocum


    October at Topsham Public Library, 25 Foreside Road, Topsham

    Quintessential POV:  a selection of the best work by all Points of View Artists over our dozen years of work and collaboration together.  Opens Wednesday, October 3.

    Closing Reception is Wednesday, October 31 from 11:00 to noon.


    Additional information and sample images will be available on the Events page as each show approaches.