• Judith and Burke Long in photogravure show at Flatbed Center in Austin, TX

    Points of View artist Judith Long and her husband Burke Long are two of the artists featured in an exhibit at the Flatbed Center for Contemporary Printmaking.  The Inky Photographer: Polymer Photogravure workshop, taught by Matthew Magruder, has been a Flatbed mainstay for the last several years.  There has been a huge array of diverse participants, most of whom use lens-based imagery. Polymer photogravure is an alternative photographic process that involves etching photo images into a printing plate which after inking, can transfer images to paper using a traditional etching press. This is a traditional process that originated with copper photogravure in the late 1800s and now can be achieved with a polymer plate.  This exhibition brings together some of these talented artists and photographers who have been exploring this alternative photo process at Flatbed. 

    Magruder has chosen work that showcases the beauty of the polymer photogravure process combined with experimental intaglio printing processes.  Magruder, states “It’s an honor to get to showcase just a sampling of the wonderful work that so many have created through the numerous workshops we’ve given. To see how they have continued to explore the process is wonderful. I fell in love with this process many years ago and am grateful to continue to share the process through this exhibit and our workshops.”                                                                            
    Artists included in this exhibition are:  Leslie Warren, Christos Pathiakis, Bonnie Maxey, Peter Nickel, Michelle C. Halsall, Karolina Phillips, Kevin Black, Andrew Kennedy, Susan Cohn, William Tolan, Howard Hilliard, Derrick Wansom, Debbie Little Wilson, Yam Tolan, Stevie Black, Patricia Barton, Barbra Riley, Lari Gibbons, Travis Greig, Heather Parrish, Judith Long, Burke Long, and Matthew Magruder.


    Location and hours

    Flatbed Center for Contemporary Printmaking, 3701 Drossett Dr suite 190, Austin, TX

    Gallery hours to see the exhibition are Wed-Fri 10 am to 5 pm, Sat 12 noon to 5 pm.   

    FMI:  https://www.flatbedpress.com/gallery