• Painting with Poetry

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       Barbara Snapp has been painting and writing poetry for 15 years. 

       Painting with Poetry demonstrates how these two processes interact to inspire creativity.

       Artist Receptions
       Friday, May 10:    5:00 to 7:00 pm 

       Friday, June 14:    5:00 to 7:00 pm

       Painting with Poetry will be on display from May 6 through June 28.


    Creativity is a dance,  a conversation

    between the unheard, the uncrafted, the unseen

    and the maker – the creator –

    the manifester of the unmanifested.


    The larger significance comes

    when the second or third or tenth or one-millionth

    person enters into the narrative

    giving a new voice to

    the now-heard, now-crafted, now-seen.


    Creation is all-consuming, demanding full attention

    permitting no intruders, no distractions

    reveling in immersion in the present,

    in the future, in the past – timeless.


    Creativity is a tension between fulfillment and desire

    never satisfied and always almost-there

    pulling life-energy into concrete form

    pouring feeling into painting and poetry –

    hoping for a listener to complete the conversation.