• Extreme Makeovers

    Points of View Gallery - Garret Gallery
    Guest artist(s):
    Burke Long
    Featuring [field_pov_artists]

    Another husband and wife team - Judith and Burke Long - present a unique collaboration.  Judith, a long-time member of Points of View Artists, is an accomplished printmaker and photographer.  Her husband, Burke, has recently discovered the magic of digital manipulation of photographs.  

    The same digital revolution that produced home computers, laptops, cameras, phones, Kindles and iPads nowadays offers artists new tools with which to express their artistic ideas.  Besides photographs akin to anything that can be done with film, light and chemicals in a darkroom, one thinks of video, 3D fantasy landscapes, painted designs, and images generated entirely by a computer.

    The idea for this exhibition grew from Burke’s interest in helping Judith process her digital photographs— for example, cropping and minor adjustments in contrast and hue. From there Burke began to study more sophisticated techniques available to users of Photoshop. And this led to his discovering that he could create new digital images inspired by, and based on, Judith’s photographs and fine art prints. 

    The result is a series of Judith’s originals set alongside Burke’s “makeovers.” Together, the artists chose the originals and evaluated which of Burke’s images warranted a public viewing. 

    In many respects, the new works are conceptually and artistically independent. But when viewed next to Judith’s originals, they suggest something of what lies at the heart of inspiration: juxtaposition of image and idea that leads to surprising conversations.