• CAREY GALLERY, Skidompha Public Library, Damariscotta

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    Ed McCartan's paintings will be shown in the Carey Gallery at the Skidompha Public Library in downtown Damarascotta. This work can be seen from November 5 to November 30.  The image seen here is "Iris Day" (acrylic, 32" x 32") and is exemplary of Ed's work:  brighly colored, large acrylics.  Ed describes his work as an abstract exploration of the balance and harmony, as well as the imparmanence, of natural forms. He tries to view the fragile beauty found in humble things. Ed's work will be at the library from November 5 to November 30.  Skidompha Public Library is located at 184 Main Street.  

    FMI:  207-563-5513 or www.skidompha.org.