• Breaking Rules

    Points of View Gallery

    Points of View artists Barbara Bean, Alan Mast, and Ed McCartan join together to exhibit their diverse and ever-changing art. Breaking Rules seems a perfect show title for this eclectic exhibit full of the free form world of semi-abstraction.

    Alan Mast has wielded graphite, colored pencil and a good eraser.  Barbara Bean has melded random pieces of machinery into whimsical pieces and added fabric to her floral paintings.  Ed McCartan uses random brush strokes to evoke the feeling of a dynamic, living world.  Each artist often has no idea what may evolve when starting each piece.  The work  seems to dictate the evolution to the final form, not the artist.

    Join all three artists at their reception on Friday, August 6, from 5 to 7 pm.

    Points of View Art Gallery, 18 Pleasant St, Brunswick, ME