• Artifacts of Inspiration: Ancient Meets Modern

    Points of View Gallery
    Guest artist(s):
    Jane Page-Conway
    Featuring Barbara Burns

    Points of View artist Barbara Burns and guest artist Jane Page-Conway present works created in encaustics, tapestry and silk prints reflecting visions of the past as well as modern abstract images.

    At first glance the work of these two artists has little in common. Barbara is an artist/weaver working in the ancient medium of tapestry  working primarily with the female face and form. Jane is an artist/photographerworking with encaustic, primarily creating work influenced by her surroundings. But when you look at their process, how they get to their finished product, this is where they share common ground. 

    Both Barbara and Jane begin with an image or photograph, manipulating and altering it manually and digitally, achieving a transformation that is more than the original image. Both artists revel in color and pigment. Barbara often dyes her yarns, Jane mixes raw pigments to combine with wax. Both artists work in an additive form from the bottom up, unable to make changes without removing what has come after, working with color, texture, pattern and dimension.  Whether working with yarn or wax they are engrossed in a meditative sensory experience.

    Barbara Burns is an internationally award winning artist working in the ancient medium of tapestry with an occasional foray into encaustic. Her work is an exploration of the female face and form.  Barbara Burns' work Dancing Vessel II has been accepted into the prestigious tapestry exhibition Heallreaf 5 in the UK. It will travel to three venues over the next year.

    Jane Page-Conway is a photographer who explores ways to present the photographic image as an essential component of mixed media art. She paints or hand tints her photographs with oils and encaustic wax. She also uses digital pin hole imagery that is again printed and altered with encaustic wax.  The result is a dream-like reality of the landscape.


    Join both artists at their reception on Friday, July 12, from 5 to 7 pm.

    Points of View Art Gallery, 18 Pleasant St, Brunswick, ME