• Pinhole Project

    Points of View Gallery
    Guest artist(s):
    Brooke Graffam
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    Points of View artist Jackie Melissas and guest artist Brooke Graffam work in ceramics and photography, respectively.  Pinhole Project is a collaborative exhibit in which they celebrate the connection of process across differing media and show how words have many meanings in practice.

    Both artists have been experimenting with pinholes:  Jackie with the effect of holes in clay on the final sculpture and Brooke with the camera obscura impact of a pinhole camera.  While Jackie works in her home studio, Brooke has been taking her pinhole photographs while hiking the Presidential Range in the White Mountains.

    Pinhole Project will be exhibited in the 3rd floor Garret Gallery from August 30 through October 1 with a reception on September 10 from 5 to 7 pm.