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Much to our surprise we discovered that Coastal Journal had printed an announcement about a 2008 exhibit in the May 1, 2014 edition of the local paper.  While flattered to receive some publicity, unfortunately we will not be hosting a reception for Catching the Moment on May 17.  And obviously, the art work is no longer hanging in Moulton Union.

However, should you like to see some examples of the work that did hang back in 2008, there are several in the slide show below.  The image to the left is Campus King, a gelatin print by Judith Long.  This image was the signature image for the original show.

To see how our work has progressed since 2008, come see our current exhibit, TEN!, which opened on May 5 and will be on display through May 30.  This show celebrates 10 years of working together to develop our art and bring it to the greater Brunswick community.  We promise you won't be disappointed!



Article about a 2008 exhibit appears in May 1 edition of Coastel Journal

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