My Inspiration:  As a youngster growing up along Maine's spectacular mid-coast, I was drawn early to art as a way to express my feelings about nature's awesome beauty.  While over the years I have experimented in various mediums......pencil, charcoal, pastels, oils and sculpturing in clay, wood and metal, I currently work primarily with acrylic paint on canvas.  I have always received enormous pleasure from creating works which others seem to enjoy. 

Like so many other men of my generation, the Viet Nam War interferred with pursuit of my passion....instead, I delayed spending any significant amount of time creating art until retirement following a forty-plus year career in healthcare administration.  While my career kept me from creating art, it didn't keep me from enjoying the beauty of art wherever my travels took me throughout this country and abroad, but particularly in the southwest & west regions of the United States where I spent the major portion of my career.  Neither did it keep me from absorbing the cultural richness which uniquely define each region of America.  All of these experiences have influenced how I now approach each painting.  Although I will always be learning and evolving, I finally now have an abundance of time to devote to my boyhood passion of art. 

For me, subject matter inspriation comes from the varied people, landscapes and cultures I have observed during my travels.  Although I have been influenced by the works of many prominent artists, those that have been the most inspiring for me personally are John Niento (New Mexico) and Ann Royer (Iowa)....Niento because of his brillant use of color to express emotion....Royer because of her incredibly successful combination of color with imagery to suggest movement. 

I am also extremely grateful to Points of View artists for their sage critique and advice as well as the creative inspiration of each of their individual works.  The quality of my technique improves with each painting largely because of their insightful perspectives which they freely and selflessly share. 

But I have to say, my greatest source of inspiration remains the breathtaking beauty of Maine.  My ultimate goal is to some day be able to accurately capture the true essence of Maine's nature.

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